1) Is there raw egg in the cookie dough?!
No, we would never do that to you!!!

No egg used in the BASE of the dough.

We use heat-treated flour (cause no body tryna eat raw flour).

2) Is this ice cream?

Our product is not ice cream. It really is good ol’ fashioned cookie dough.

    3) Can I bake the dough to make cookies?

    You can! And they’re the most gangsta cookies around. 325F for 8-10 minutes

      4) Are all the dough flavours vegan?

      No - not all the flavours are vegan. To avoid confusion there is always a vegan indicator next to the flavour name.

        5) Do you have no-gluten added options?

        Yes - 3 flavours: Birthday, Double Chocolate and Chocolate Chip. Please note they are not manufactured in a gluten free facility.

          6) Are you nut free?

          Most of our flavours do not contain nuts however our kitchen is not nut-free.

            7) Are you two twins?

            ...yes we are identical twins.

              8) Do you cater?

              Absolutely - see our catering page.