In the streets we’re known as 'The Dough Dealers", but you can call us Hana and Farrah (@ela.twins).

We are twins! But we've also been business partners from a young age. Our first hustle started at the age of 4, stealing our other siblings' things, and then selling it back to them (it was simple supply & demand...we knew they wanted what we had). Our other side gigs would get us into trouble throughout grade school, and so we moved our businesses off-of-school grounds. Our interest in commerce and consumer goods eventually led us to business school at the University of Toronto.

Needless to say it was inevitable we'd have a legitimate business together one day.

​So, Why Cookie Dough?

Through girls nights, cottage nights, study nights, breakups etc, we found ourselves regularly going to the grocery store for premade cookie dough packs. Although seemingly delicious, it takes a toll on your stomach...if you know what we mean. We knew there had to be a better way to share one of our guilty pleasures, and so we got to work - We’re determined to hustle our dough for $dough$ until every Torontonian (and beyond) lives the nostalgic goodness.